imageGovernor Donald Duke, the former governor of Cross River state; a man I personally have very high regard and respect for as one of the governors in Nigeria that left office with blazing record of unparalleled achievement, very handsome, smooth and stylish, recently granted an interview with a newspaper where he said that any man that misbehaves as a public office holder (sic)either does not have a happy marriage or does not listen to his wife. This loaded statement got me thinking very deeply, on the reasons a man need to listen to his wife especially when or after he attains lofty positions.image

A man that truly wants to succeed needs to listen to his wife, because:

  1. WOMEN ARE MORE CAREFUL: women carefully considers and weighs situations before taking any action, women are more logical and calculative, carefully considering issues and options from all perspective unlike a man that could be quite irrational in  taking decisions.
  2. WOMEN ARE MORE TRUTHFUL: some people may not agree with this, but averagely, women are more truthful than men, so if you consult your wife, she will tell you the truth in any situation which can help make better judgement.
  3. MEN HAVE GOOD IQ, WOMEN HAVE BETTER EQ: women have a better emotional quotient than men, women tend to consider issues with more empathy, more emotions which is more difficult to do than using intelligence, a little bit of both intelligence and emotions gives a better perspective and better judgment which women are better in balancing than a man.
  4. WOMEN ARE MORE ANALYTICAL: while a man might consider a situation from just one perspective, a woman analysis situations calculatively and abstractly, therefore making women better judges of situations than men.
  5. NATURE AND NORTURNAL INSTINCTS: Women are by nature very sensitive, the innate talent to raise and groom children gives them the natural ability to take correct decisions within the shortest time frame, this virtue or value in them helps to be better decision makers that husbands and spouse can take advantage of.

Why wouldn’t a man even listen to his wife?, ain’t they supposed partners? So many times, Ego, misunderstanding or choice of partner could lead a man to not listen to his wife, but most times, error occurring from not listening is usually more aggravating or devasting than listening to your wife.image

What solution would you proffer to a man that feels his wife’s judgement cannot be trusted or and therefore does not listen to her, also what’s your advise for a woman that isn’t given an opportunity by the husband to be an advisor to him.

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