Instinct according to is a natural or innate impulse, inclination or tendency. The dictionary also called it a natural intuitive power, that means that is power in intuition. Intuition on the other hand according to the same is a direct perception of truth and fact dependent of any reasoning processes, a perceived fact or truth embedded in pure knowledge.

Instinct or intuition sometimes defies logic or reasoning, its a gut feeling, a strong belief within the inner mind. At the point of making decision in life, we have sometimes being at a cross road that all you have to do is trust your guts and go along with it no matter how wrong it might seem; also we might have been given some awesome and wonderful advice on issues but your gut feeling is warning you against following the advise, such situations, what do you do especially if it is a business decision?

How wrong can taking a decision based on your 6th sense be? According to Margie Warrell   it takes courage to rise above our fears and tune into our intuition. so if you are not audacious and bold which is a requirement for business success, then you cannot benefit ultimately from using your intuition. one word of Margie Warrell that resonates well with me is the fact that millions of people go about their daily lives in a constant state of low-grade fear and anxiety, forever on high alert for danger. This sounds so much like a warning against failure, don’t live in fear! and it has informed my decisions to a great extent.

Your brain always spots danger because your eyes sends signals to it, so if you constantly give in, then you may not arrive at that destination called success, that teeny-tiny little voice in your mind is your soul and it uses inner sight, its perception is very high (when properly developed) . so it is important to listen for this small inner conviction at the point of making decisions, and once you get it, don’t let yourself be deterred, that’s the way to go. I have personally taken decisions based on my gut feelings and felt grateful for it in the past, in fact i discover that most of my regrets (very few though) are things i do, putting too much consideration into it, overthinking the pros and cons and listening to what people are saying around me; when i go with my instinct, i get the satisfaction i want, that ‘Aha feeling’ (if you know what I’m talking about). 

This though does not mean you should just take decision without giving it enough consideration, in fact, the best way trusting your instinct can work for you in business decisions is if you remain constantly knowledgeable and updated on your business, read books, follow the steps of successful people and it would be easier to know what to do.  Errors or mistakes in business could be catastrophic especially for start-ups and small scale businesses, and making or taking decisions is very central to this; Good luck in your business decisions.

You can only be reckoned with if and when you are successful, for that to happen, you need to make the decision now, live above fear of the unknown and unseen, take that step! 



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