The Problem is Laziness…

Overcome laziness, do something.
Overcome laziness, do something.

I have come to realise that one of the reasons we think we cannot do something or achieve our dreams and aspirations is LAZINESS. We most of the time blame it on some other factors, but if we take time to dig deeper, the reasons are not too far from laziness. Fear strives where laziness has been permitted to reside and grows where it is sown, procrastination survives when the door of laziness is widely opened; frustration sets in when the seed of laziness is allowed to germinate. One convenient thing to do is to trade blames and give excuses; it’s so easy and comfortable, and lazy people mostly fall into this trap. It does not matter whether you are the best at your work place or in home chores, this laziness I write about is not in that sphere, when you set personal standards for yourself in realising your personal life goal and aspiration, do you achieve it at the set time?

I know I am one of the most distracted person on planet earth, so many things I want to do, so many things I don’t do (what an Irony) as time and day progresses, I realised that I have always given myself reasons and excuses for lagging, for not doing those things, for not showing and displaying my competencies in my personal vision as much as I do in other peoples vision/goal. As much as I know I hate to fail or be associated with failure, I don’t feel I owe myself anything, I don’t feel accountable to myself, it’s so easy for me to disappoint myself without remorse or reverence to my goals and objectives. This I have done repeatedly, I mean on very important matters and decisions –life changing decisions. I always allow laziness have a grip, a grip always too tight and firm for me to sometimes break free from, and then, I explain it away… wasting resources, resources such as opportunities and time; one thing I realised in the course of my personal life analysis, is that this behaviour is only on personal matters and issues, God forbid that I am found wanting in someone else’s assignment or job, but when I have to do something inline of my dreams, laziness sets in.

Who says I’m not important, why should I do things to the detriment of myself, why should my personal dreams and aspirations suffer in the hands of laziness? These questions were my wake-up call and since I awoke from the slumber of laziness, it has been good, I can attest. I am sure I’m not alone in this ship (though mine berth some long time ago), if you find yourself in this situation, there are numbers of things you can do to get out of the situation:

1. Identify the fact that laziness is an underlying factor to that procrastination and excuse: so many times, because we are very active and agile, it’s easy to believe we are not lazy but rather busy, once you give yourself a reason, it then becomes convenient, don’t be too busy for yourself.
2. Be faithful and truthful to yourself: tell yourself the truth all the time, as long as you hold yourself responsible for yourself, then it will be a little easier to be faithful to yourself, to map out strategies and follow it. Let your strategies be in small strides and reward yourself for meeting them as you strive along.
3. Make them visible: write down your dreams and aspirations in small note pads and make them conspicuous around you, the more you read, the more you will get over laziness and excuses.
4. Get a mentor: get a mentor for yourself in line with your dreams, if you are answerable to someone especially one that inspires you, you will learn to do right by yourself.
5. Owe yourself: as long as you keep in mind that you owe yourself success, it will spur you to get off your butts and do something. It is nobody’s work or responsibility to ensure your success but yours. Work at it.

Whatever it is you have planned to do and kept procrastinating, TIME IS NOW! Whether it is to register in a gym to lose some weight, or to start a business, or learn a craft, skill or language, yesterday was the best time, today a better time and tomorrow is already too late, start now. Do something about it now. Remind yourself constantly of the benefits.

Do you have any experience of overcoming laziness, please share with us on how you did it and achieved success; let’s learn from your experience or experiences.
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