imageDo you know that on the average, you spend about more time working than at home; the most productive hours of the day are spent at work. Don’t you think that what you spend those hours on should make you happy and fulfilled?

imageImagine it this way, you spend about 8hrs per day at work *5 times a week = 40hrs a week *52 weeks a year (if you don’t go on leave) =2,080 hrs a year, so if you are unhappy with what you do, you are unhappy 40 hours a week and sleep almost another 40hrs a week, that is 80hrs out of the 168hrs we have in a week, why then should the most productive 40hrs of the week be spent doing unfulfilling chores or assignment?

The very untold truth about happiness and fulfillment is that, it is a virtue and value we owe ourselves, it doesn’t not always get handed down, we sometimes have to demand it and strategically work towards getting or achieving it; it could be very hard, but hey! nothing good comes easy.

Sometimes, we could even love or enjoy what we do but the circumstances under which we do such work or commitments may not be conducive or relaxing as much as we want, that in itself could lead to unfulfilment, and at such moments, our instincts will tell us that we need ‘more’. Such situation could happen when we fill we don’t get the promotion or the recognition we deserve, it can be so demeaning and depressing.image

At some point in my career life, this was my situation, as much as I loved what I was doing, the work environment was most unconducive, I had to make a decision for a turn-around. It was one of the most difficult decisions of my life, but I had to do it, I left the job and sought after my passion, strategically working towards fulfillment, it a journey, I know, but all it requires is patience, dedication and a positive mind/attitude.

A lot of people in seeking employment put money or financial return as the priority, but sincerely that’s not what makes anyone rich or successful, several people in high paying job end up more miserable and unfulfilled compared to those that went after their passion and strategically worked towards making money, it is important to have the right attitude towards money and how to make it than seeking high volume of it from employment; this is one of the reasons a lot of Nigerians seek government employment, reliance on government generated jobs has been so much that averagely, we don’t remember to look inward and around, meanwhile other more fulfilling opportunities abound that is not harnessed.

To be free from unhappy, unfulfilling job and bad working conditions require deliberate effort, be very strategic and seek knowledge, a lot of resources are on the web, read and analyze important materials that points towards success and how to achieve it. Attend  fora for business opportunities, business development, entrepreneurship and skill acquisition, we should also ruminate in our minds and at every available opportunity methods of breaking free from the cycle of job unfulfilment. One of such methods is doing what we love to do even of the income from it is small.image

You can start by planning it way ahead, having such goal makes whatever temporary situation we face a lot bearable, in that very good and high paying job, start developing skill towards what you want to do that will make you happy and fulfilled, give yourself a time frame and save towards it. Know one thing, perfect time will never come, so don’t look for a perfect time, work towards your time frame and know when to quit. Don’t get old and haggard in that job, it’s not worth it. Life is more about what you contribute to it than what you get from it. Hard work does not equal working hard; it doesn’t matter if it’s tough or rough, gloomy or loony, you only need to remain steadfast and logical as that’s the best way towards achieving your desired life goal and get maximum output out of what you do. More rewards for your hustle, jostle and tussle.

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