The Problem is Laziness…

Overcome laziness, do something.
Overcome laziness, do something.

I have come to realise that one of the reasons we think we cannot do something or achieve our dreams and aspirations is LAZINESS. We most of the time blame it on some other factors, but if we take time to dig deeper, the reasons are not too far from laziness. Fear strives where laziness has been permitted to reside and grows where it is sown, procrastination survives when the door of laziness is widely opened; frustration sets in when the seed of laziness is allowed to germinate. One convenient thing to do is to trade blames and give excuses; it’s so easy and comfortable, and lazy people mostly fall into this trap. It does not matter whether you are the best at your work place or in home chores, this laziness I write about is not in that sphere, when you set personal standards for yourself in realising your personal life goal and aspiration, do you achieve it at the set time?

I know I am one of the most distracted person on planet earth, so many things I want to do, so many things I don’t do (what an Irony) as time and day progresses, I realised that I have always given myself reasons and excuses for lagging, for not doing those things, for not showing and displaying my competencies in my personal vision as much as I do in other peoples vision/goal. As much as I know I hate to fail or be associated with failure, I don’t feel I owe myself anything, I don’t feel accountable to myself, it’s so easy for me to disappoint myself without remorse or reverence to my goals and objectives. This I have done repeatedly, I mean on very important matters and decisions –life changing decisions. I always allow laziness have a grip, a grip always too tight and firm for me to sometimes break free from, and then, I explain it away… wasting resources, resources such as opportunities and time; one thing I realised in the course of my personal life analysis, is that this behaviour is only on personal matters and issues, God forbid that I am found wanting in someone else’s assignment or job, but when I have to do something inline of my dreams, laziness sets in.

Who says I’m not important, why should I do things to the detriment of myself, why should my personal dreams and aspirations suffer in the hands of laziness? These questions were my wake-up call and since I awoke from the slumber of laziness, it has been good, I can attest. I am sure I’m not alone in this ship (though mine berth some long time ago), if you find yourself in this situation, there are numbers of things you can do to get out of the situation:

1. Identify the fact that laziness is an underlying factor to that procrastination and excuse: so many times, because we are very active and agile, it’s easy to believe we are not lazy but rather busy, once you give yourself a reason, it then becomes convenient, don’t be too busy for yourself.
2. Be faithful and truthful to yourself: tell yourself the truth all the time, as long as you hold yourself responsible for yourself, then it will be a little easier to be faithful to yourself, to map out strategies and follow it. Let your strategies be in small strides and reward yourself for meeting them as you strive along.
3. Make them visible: write down your dreams and aspirations in small note pads and make them conspicuous around you, the more you read, the more you will get over laziness and excuses.
4. Get a mentor: get a mentor for yourself in line with your dreams, if you are answerable to someone especially one that inspires you, you will learn to do right by yourself.
5. Owe yourself: as long as you keep in mind that you owe yourself success, it will spur you to get off your butts and do something. It is nobody’s work or responsibility to ensure your success but yours. Work at it.

Whatever it is you have planned to do and kept procrastinating, TIME IS NOW! Whether it is to register in a gym to lose some weight, or to start a business, or learn a craft, skill or language, yesterday was the best time, today a better time and tomorrow is already too late, start now. Do something about it now. Remind yourself constantly of the benefits.

Do you have any experience of overcoming laziness, please share with us on how you did it and achieved success; let’s learn from your experience or experiences.
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My weight loss journey the Nigerian way.
My weight loss journey the Nigerian way.

Many people start the new year with resolutions to loose weight. I started my 2014 with such too and achieved tremendously. I want to start 2016 encouraging to stick to your resolutions or goal if one of yours is to loose weight. It really helps in finding your feet to build some self confidence which can help for Buisness success.

At some point in my life, I got so tired of my weight and size because it was affecting my confidence as a television personality, clothes didn’t fit well on me as it should. Ever since I have known myself, my weight has been a concern, but 2014 was really a turning point for me, I took a decisive step to lose weight. Working out for at least one hour every day, 5 days a week at an open field and watching my food intake, I do that by counting my calories, Nigerian foods could be a little difficult to count the calories; I do that with the chart below:



❖ Before you start your weight loss journey calculate your BMI to know how healthy you are and your BMR to know how much calories you body burns naturally, to learn more about it, GOOGLE it!

Protein and carbs contains 4 calories per gram and fat contains 9 calories per gram. To find out the calories in what you are consuming, total up the protein, carbs and fat content to determine the calories.
❖ To loose 1kg, you need to burn 1,612 calories,
Because 1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3,555 (3,500)
❖ Groundnut = 5 calories per nut
❖ 2 table spoon of dried skimmed milk = 45 calories
❖ Garden egg = 14 calories per 202
❖ 1 moi-mio = 256 calories
❖ 1 boiled chicken lap = 290 calories
❖ 2 slices of wheat bread = 120 calories
❖ 1 boiled egg = 70 calories
❖ 2 balls of Akara = 140 calories
❖ 2 tablespoons of stew = 70 calories
❖ 1 banana = 90 calories
❖ 1oz beef = 73 calories
❖ 1oz turkey = 70 calories
❖ 4 long carrots = 80 calories
❖ 1 apple = 70 calories
❖ Salad of 1 cup of green lettuce = 5 calories
❖ 3 medium tomatoes = 75 calories
❖ 1 cup of chopped cucumber = 16 calories
❖ 1 cup of green beans = 50 calories
❖ 1 tablespoon of Mayonnaise = 62 calories
❖ 1 medium sized catfish (pepper soup) = 150 calories
❖ 1 fried egg wit 1 tablespoon of oil = 190 calories
❖ 10 tablespoon of cooked beans = 141 calories
❖ Ugu vegetable soup (2cups) = 88 calories
❖ 1 boiled plantain = 212 calories
❖ 1 cup okro soup = 105 calories
❖ 1oz chicken = 31 calories
❖ 1 half cup of brown stew beans = 316 calories
❖ Rice & stew 2half cup = 440 calories
❖ Fried plantain 1 slice = 68 calories
❖ Small size potatoes (Irish) =128 calories
❖ Medium size potatoes (Irish) = 161 calories
❖ Large size potatoes (Irish) = 278 calories
❖ Roasted or boiled corn depending on d size = 63 – 123 calories
❖ Pounded yam (1cup) = 400 calories
❖ 1 pack of indomie noodles = 342 calories
❖ Fried potatoes small size = 255 calories
❖ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ medium size = 370 calories
❖ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ large size = 455 calories
❖ 1 samosa = 80 calories
❖ 1/5 teaspoon of curry powder = 1 calories
❖ Salt = 0 calories
❖ Groundnut oil ½ tablespoon = 60 calories
❖ Onion ¼ slice = 16 calories
❖ 1 cube of magi = 5 calories
❖ Ugu leaf, 1 cup (raw) = 14 calories
❖ 1 tablespoon of palm oil = 120 calories
❖ Stockfish ¼ = 45 calories
❖ Bitter leaf soup (1cup) = 451 calories
❖ 1 cup of rice (raw) = 693 calories
❖ 1 cup of garri = 360 calories
❖ 1 cup of sugar 11 tablespoon = 16 calories
❖ Ewedu = 97 calories
❖ 1 cup of Wheat flour = 455calories
❖ 100g size Snail = 90 calories ( 1g of fat, 2g of carbs. 16g of protein
❖ Plantain flour = 130 calories
❖ 1 cup of sweet potatoes = 180 calories
❖ 1 cup of boiled white rice , ¼ cup of stew & 2piece of meat = 290 calories
❖ 1 green unripe plantain (boiled) = 220 calories
❖ 2 cups of moi-moi (2wraps) 470 calories
❖ 2 cups of watermelon = 93 calories
❖ ½ cup quarter Oats = 150 calories ( 1 cup of Oat flour = 300 calories)
❖ 3 cups diced cucumber = 49 calories
❖ 1 boiled of chicken lap = 290 calories
❖ 1 tablespoon peanut butter = 95 calories
❖ 2 tablespoon of skimmed milk = 45 calories
❖ 1 tablespoon of palm oil = 120 calories
❖ 1 cup of white cornmeal (semovita) 450 calories
❖ Basic Egusi soap = 700 calories
❖ Gizzard (Turkey big size) = 108 calories
❖ 1 cup of green lettuce = 5 calories
❖ 3 medium tomatoes = 75 calories (1large tomatoes = 35 calories)
❖ 1 cup chopped cucumber = 16 calories
❖ 1 cup of green beans = 50 calories
❖ 1 tablespoon mayonnaise = 62 calories
❖ 1 egg = 70 clories

Burn more calories than you consume
❖ To loose 1pound of weight, you have to burn 3,500 calories more than you take in.
❖ To loose 10pounds, you must burn 35,000 calories.

Weight loss
Loosing weight with Nigerian foods

disclaimer: these are all from online research. I goggles my food calories and wrote them down, it really helped me, so I’m just posting this to help someone else that wants to loose weight as we start a new year. GOODLUCK in your journey and remember to share your story and achievements here for others to benefit.


imageGovernor Donald Duke, the former governor of Cross River state; a man I personally have very high regard and respect for as one of the governors in Nigeria that left office with blazing record of unparalleled achievement, very handsome, smooth and stylish, recently granted an interview with a newspaper where he said that any man that misbehaves as a public office holder (sic)either does not have a happy marriage or does not listen to his wife. This loaded statement got me thinking very deeply, on the reasons a man need to listen to his wife especially when or after he attains lofty positions.image

A man that truly wants to succeed needs to listen to his wife, because:

  1. WOMEN ARE MORE CAREFUL: women carefully considers and weighs situations before taking any action, women are more logical and calculative, carefully considering issues and options from all perspective unlike a man that could be quite irrational in  taking decisions.
  2. WOMEN ARE MORE TRUTHFUL: some people may not agree with this, but averagely, women are more truthful than men, so if you consult your wife, she will tell you the truth in any situation which can help make better judgement.
  3. MEN HAVE GOOD IQ, WOMEN HAVE BETTER EQ: women have a better emotional quotient than men, women tend to consider issues with more empathy, more emotions which is more difficult to do than using intelligence, a little bit of both intelligence and emotions gives a better perspective and better judgment which women are better in balancing than a man.
  4. WOMEN ARE MORE ANALYTICAL: while a man might consider a situation from just one perspective, a woman analysis situations calculatively and abstractly, therefore making women better judges of situations than men.
  5. NATURE AND NORTURNAL INSTINCTS: Women are by nature very sensitive, the innate talent to raise and groom children gives them the natural ability to take correct decisions within the shortest time frame, this virtue or value in them helps to be better decision makers that husbands and spouse can take advantage of.

Why wouldn’t a man even listen to his wife?, ain’t they supposed partners? So many times, Ego, misunderstanding or choice of partner could lead a man to not listen to his wife, but most times, error occurring from not listening is usually more aggravating or devasting than listening to your wife.image

What solution would you proffer to a man that feels his wife’s judgement cannot be trusted or and therefore does not listen to her, also what’s your advise for a woman that isn’t given an opportunity by the husband to be an advisor to him.


As reported by allafrica , A 12-day training on entrepreneurship for 50 rural youths kicked off at Pakalinding village in Lower River Region (LRR) on Friday.

The training, dubbed the Rural Entrepreneurial Venture Creation and Experimental Learning (REVCEL), was organised as part of Creating Opportunities for Rural Youth (CORY) Gambia project.

It is being implemented by the Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) – Gambia chapter.

The training, from 11 to 22 December, is meant to equip young men and women with entrepreneurship skills, focusing on project and enterprise development.

Underway at the Trans-Gambia Lodge in Pakalinding, the event was jointly funded by CORY Gambia project and the National Agricultural Land and Water Management Development Project (NEMA).It was officially opened on 14 December 2015.

A similar REVCEL training on entrepreneurship for 50 youths is simultaneously underway in the North Bank Region town of Farafenni.It was also organised as part of the CORY Gambia project, an initiative that supports young rural women and men in West and Central Africa to become entrepreneurs.

This is the third batch being trained by CORY.The first ever REVCEL training was conducted in July 2015 for 25 youths in Central River Region south.This was followed by the second one which was attended by 54 rural youth – 27 in URR and another 27 in CRR north.

Speaking at the opening of the latest training in Pakalinding on Monday, CORY Gambia project coordinator, Mamadou Edrisa Njie, said the project has three components.

The first one is research and share learning that will support the scaling up and replication of successful youth-led venture creation and business development for rural youth.

The second component is to build the capacity of rural youth organisations to develop and deliver entrepreneurial innovation-based experimental training, mentorship, and advisory, and partnership services to support youth employees, and entrepreneurs in rural areas of WCA.

The other component is to build the capacity of local financial institutions to provide micro-credit through risk assessment and mitigation.This component also includes the development of youth-inclusive financial instruments in rural areas of Benin, Cameroon, The Gambia, and Nigeria.

Mr Njie said all the three initiatives are geared towards uplifting the entrepreneurial spirit of the young people who are the future leaders of the country.

He said the project is currently implementing the second component by building the capacity of rural youth organisations on entrepreneurship innovation.

Mariam Saine-Sanyang, GYIN Gambia financial controller, said at the end of the 12-day training, the participants would be able to create their own venture or startup a business.

She said the project through which the training is conducted is aimed at contributing to the reduction of poverty in the rural regions and to empower the young people to have a better livelihood.

“Therefore, I would challenge you [the participants] to take this training seriously so as to be able to replicate the knowledge gained,” she said.”Upon completion of this training, each of the participants is required to conduct a step-down training for four rural youths within his/her area.”

Banky Njie, business development officer of the Nema project, said The Gambia government and its partners like the International Fund for Agricultural Development deemed it necessary to support training opportunities for young people.

He said that during the course of the training, the participants will appreciate the important role that business development can play in enhancing entrepreneurship skills to integrate into the agricultural value chain.

“It will also provide an opportunity to share experiences on successful enterprises that have transformed smallholder agriculture into profitable businesses that can contribute to generating employment and the creation of wealth, thereby reducing poverty,” Mr Njie said.

“It is highly expected that this entrepreneurship training will provide you with the pre-requisite business knowledge and skills for a better understanding in preparing for your business and its operation,” he added.

Mr Njie said there are opportunities abound to transform the activities of youth to increase production, not only to feed the nation, but also feed the world.

“There is therefore a pressing need to change the image of agriculture. We have to rebrand agriculture, together,” he said. “I am confident that this training will prepare you for this crusade of commercialising your activities to feed our nation and the world.”

Momodou L. Fofana, a representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS), said the ministry is committed to the development and empowerment of Gambian youth through skills development, especially entrepreneurial skills.

He said several Gambian youth have been supported by The Gambia government through MoYS to undergo months of entrepreneurship skills training at the Songhai Centre in Benin.

Mr Fofana said, in addition, through the National Enterprise Development Initiative (NEDI) has been providing training and loans to young men and women of The Gambia to support their business ventures.

He pointed out that if all projects go out to empower the young people, like CORY, the future of The Gambia will be bright.

Alasana Sanneh, a representative of the governor of LRR, said the government is putting all its efforts for the country to achieve its development goals, especially the Vision 2016 Food Self-Sufficiency Agenda.

He said it is important to build the capacity of the youth so that the country can be developed as expected.

The CORY project is being implemented in four countries – The Gambia, Nigeria, Cameroon and Benin for the period of three years.It is focused on young men and women between the ages of 18-35 years who are involved in agricultural production and activities associated with rural markets.

The project targets rural youth institutions for business training, advocacy, networking and knowledge exchange all with a 1:1 female to male ratio.



Fashion entrepreneurship and investment forum -a gathering of successful entrepreneurs, who will be sharing the secrets of their successes in business and the realities of running a business -what it involves and what it takes to run events in Nigeria. Also to be discussed at the forum are the challenges and how to overcome them, financial and investment advice. Read more details of the event here. 




MIT Global Entrepreneurship bootcamp is offering opportunities to entrepreneurs who needs knowledge for business start-up. It comes at a cost but MIT awards scholarship to participants with exceptional entrepreneurial potential strictly based on merit. To try your eligibility for scholarship, apply here. To read more about MIT Global entrepreneurship bootcamp and the support you can get for your business start-up, click hereimage



At the second convocation ceremony of the Kaduna State University, where President Muhammadu Buhari was honoured with a doctorate degree of letters, he said, during his acceptance speech that the Nation must promote and enhance teaching and learning of enterprenuerial skills in all schools.

The theme of the convocation was ‘Entrepreneurship for Development’. The need for entrepreneurial development is very important at this time in the country as it is akin to reduced reliance on government generated jobs and more economic advancement.

The president assured Nigerians taht his government would support all effort towards creating more jobs through the re-orientation of Nigerian youths for a more entrepreneurial mindset and enabling environment. He further said the gesture is a way of diversifying the economy in order to boost revenue and reduce dependence on the already dwindling oil revenue.


 imageDo you know that on the average, you spend about more time working than at home; the most productive hours of the day are spent at work. Don’t you think that what you spend those hours on should make you happy and fulfilled?

imageImagine it this way, you spend about 8hrs per day at work *5 times a week = 40hrs a week *52 weeks a year (if you don’t go on leave) =2,080 hrs a year, so if you are unhappy with what you do, you are unhappy 40 hours a week and sleep almost another 40hrs a week, that is 80hrs out of the 168hrs we have in a week, why then should the most productive 40hrs of the week be spent doing unfulfilling chores or assignment?

The very untold truth about happiness and fulfillment is that, it is a virtue and value we owe ourselves, it doesn’t not always get handed down, we sometimes have to demand it and strategically work towards getting or achieving it; it could be very hard, but hey! nothing good comes easy.

Sometimes, we could even love or enjoy what we do but the circumstances under which we do such work or commitments may not be conducive or relaxing as much as we want, that in itself could lead to unfulfilment, and at such moments, our instincts will tell us that we need ‘more’. Such situation could happen when we fill we don’t get the promotion or the recognition we deserve, it can be so demeaning and depressing.image

At some point in my career life, this was my situation, as much as I loved what I was doing, the work environment was most unconducive, I had to make a decision for a turn-around. It was one of the most difficult decisions of my life, but I had to do it, I left the job and sought after my passion, strategically working towards fulfillment, it a journey, I know, but all it requires is patience, dedication and a positive mind/attitude.

A lot of people in seeking employment put money or financial return as the priority, but sincerely that’s not what makes anyone rich or successful, several people in high paying job end up more miserable and unfulfilled compared to those that went after their passion and strategically worked towards making money, it is important to have the right attitude towards money and how to make it than seeking high volume of it from employment; this is one of the reasons a lot of Nigerians seek government employment, reliance on government generated jobs has been so much that averagely, we don’t remember to look inward and around, meanwhile other more fulfilling opportunities abound that is not harnessed.

To be free from unhappy, unfulfilling job and bad working conditions require deliberate effort, be very strategic and seek knowledge, a lot of resources are on the web, read and analyze important materials that points towards success and how to achieve it. Attend  fora for business opportunities, business development, entrepreneurship and skill acquisition, we should also ruminate in our minds and at every available opportunity methods of breaking free from the cycle of job unfulfilment. One of such methods is doing what we love to do even of the income from it is small.image

You can start by planning it way ahead, having such goal makes whatever temporary situation we face a lot bearable, in that very good and high paying job, start developing skill towards what you want to do that will make you happy and fulfilled, give yourself a time frame and save towards it. Know one thing, perfect time will never come, so don’t look for a perfect time, work towards your time frame and know when to quit. Don’t get old and haggard in that job, it’s not worth it. Life is more about what you contribute to it than what you get from it. Hard work does not equal working hard; it doesn’t matter if it’s tough or rough, gloomy or loony, you only need to remain steadfast and logical as that’s the best way towards achieving your desired life goal and get maximum output out of what you do. More rewards for your hustle, jostle and tussle.

More articles on job Fulfillment:

 Laura Shin, Kirsten WeirJess Whitlestone‘s article was more about finding happiness and fulfillment through helping others, another great article.





Instinct according to is a natural or innate impulse, inclination or tendency. The dictionary also called it a natural intuitive power, that means that is power in intuition. Intuition on the other hand according to the same is a direct perception of truth and fact dependent of any reasoning processes, a perceived fact or truth embedded in pure knowledge.

Instinct or intuition sometimes defies logic or reasoning, its a gut feeling, a strong belief within the inner mind. At the point of making decision in life, we have sometimes being at a cross road that all you have to do is trust your guts and go along with it no matter how wrong it might seem; also we might have been given some awesome and wonderful advice on issues but your gut feeling is warning you against following the advise, such situations, what do you do especially if it is a business decision?

How wrong can taking a decision based on your 6th sense be? According to Margie Warrell   it takes courage to rise above our fears and tune into our intuition. so if you are not audacious and bold which is a requirement for business success, then you cannot benefit ultimately from using your intuition. one word of Margie Warrell that resonates well with me is the fact that millions of people go about their daily lives in a constant state of low-grade fear and anxiety, forever on high alert for danger. This sounds so much like a warning against failure, don’t live in fear! and it has informed my decisions to a great extent.

Your brain always spots danger because your eyes sends signals to it, so if you constantly give in, then you may not arrive at that destination called success, that teeny-tiny little voice in your mind is your soul and it uses inner sight, its perception is very high (when properly developed) . so it is important to listen for this small inner conviction at the point of making decisions, and once you get it, don’t let yourself be deterred, that’s the way to go. I have personally taken decisions based on my gut feelings and felt grateful for it in the past, in fact i discover that most of my regrets (very few though) are things i do, putting too much consideration into it, overthinking the pros and cons and listening to what people are saying around me; when i go with my instinct, i get the satisfaction i want, that ‘Aha feeling’ (if you know what I’m talking about). 

This though does not mean you should just take decision without giving it enough consideration, in fact, the best way trusting your instinct can work for you in business decisions is if you remain constantly knowledgeable and updated on your business, read books, follow the steps of successful people and it would be easier to know what to do.  Errors or mistakes in business could be catastrophic especially for start-ups and small scale businesses, and making or taking decisions is very central to this; Good luck in your business decisions.

You can only be reckoned with if and when you are successful, for that to happen, you need to make the decision now, live above fear of the unknown and unseen, take that step! 


Nigerian Entrepreneurs Summit Berths In Abuja


Some Entrepreneurs that distinguished themselves in their business were honoured during the 2015 Nigeria entrepreneurs summit and exhibition in Abuja.

The event, which had the theme, ’Entrepreneurship as panacea for building a prosperous economy,’ was organised by the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award.

Speaking at the award dinner, the Co-Founder of the organisation, Mr. Uwabor Joshua, observed that entrepreneurs are national treasure that must be protected, nourished, encouraged and rewarded as much as possible.

He said the theme of the event is a way of mapping out solutions to the current bottlenecks being experienced by the entrepreneurs, adding that his platform will be a lifelong one that will provide recognition for entrepreneurs and top business leaders in Nigeria.

Joshua said those given awards are outstanding individuals and corporate organisations that have positively impacted the economy of the country.

In his lecture, the guest speaker, Mr. Benson Uwheru, noted that no nation can assure the security of its people without an economy that offers them the dignity to pursue lives they value and urged the recipients to help build the nation’s economy by empowering young entrepreneurs.

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